Eating With The Seasons

Eating With The Seasons

It’s spring! FINALLY! Seems a bit rainy still (classic West Coast) but I caught the most remarkable sunset last night it left me feeling charged and anticipating many more nights spent on the beach, just taking in the beauty of spring & summer & oh ya THE OCEAN. That is why we moved here after all – to indulge as much as possible in the natural beauty of BC. What spring marks is the beginning of a fresh and new growing season. As the early crops, like rhubarb, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots (among others) begin to emerge, I’ve decided to share why eating seasonally is something we try to do as much as possible.

Nutrition – Eating something while its in season, at its peak ripeness is nature’s way of handing you perfectly packaged nutrients for your enjoyment. When you are in touch with seasonal foods and the cycles of nature, it’s incredible to realize how in tune our bodies really are to the natural world. Foods are presented to us at the exact right time that we need them. Cleansing greens, ripe apples, in the spring when it is important to detox and support liver health, antioxidant rich fruits bursting with flavor for light summer snacks when the heat is high and digestion slower. Root veggies and legumes to warm us through the fall harvest and winter months – it is not coincidence, but the intended way for us to eat.

Environmental Sustainability– Seasonal food is more likely to be produced locally, reducing food mileage (the distance food travels from where it is grown until it reaches our plates – on average it is 1500 miles). Buying local supports local farmers and encourages more sustainable farming practices. More small scale farms – less monocrops, more mindful farming practices – less erosion, pollution & harm – all leading to more biodiversity and therefore healthier ecosystems. Buying local not only ensures access to more nutritious foods for ourselves and our families, but it also helps farmers to stay in business. Purchasing local foods protects the farmland, support this generation of farmers and the next – ensuring food security for the future.

Community – Spending time at your local farmers market or food gardens allows you to meet your local farmers, create friendships and form a connection to your food & how it’s grown. There is something about spending a slow morning exploring the farmers market that is both grounding and so very exciting. It offers an opportunity to learn about local food systems, interact with people in your community as well as endless inspiration. There is something refreshing about the market – about celebrating two of life’s simplest pleasures – food & community that I will forever appreciate. 

Variety – Seasonal food is the ULTIMATE source of culinary inspiration – discovering new treats every week, observing the cycles of nature will instill a whole new admiration & appreciation for your food. Not only is a varied whole foods diet essential for covering all the major food and nutrient groups, providing a well- rounded & balanced foundation to health BUT the variety of seasonal produce and foods will also open up your palate to flavors & dishes you might have otherwise not have experienced. Sample the untouchable freshness that only exists for a glimpse out of the year – it is a fleeting reminder of the diversity and loveliness in nature.

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