Grapefruit Mint Greens w/ Maple Balsamic

  Truthfully I don’t eat alot of dandelion greens straight up like this – I will usually blend them or sautee them in an attempt to mask the bitterness, BUT those days are gone because I’ve created the perfect dressing to balance the taste of the greens. Slightly sweet & […]

5 Minute Fully Loaded Greens Picnic Sandwich

This. Lunch. Tho. Carbs ✓ Greens ✓ All the pesto ✓✓✓✓✓ Sandwiches are the ultimate picnic / beach food – they are so easy to transport, completely customizable – perfect picnic fare as far as I’m concerned. Less time in the kitchen and more time exploring & soaking up the summertime […]

White Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos

Weekday dinner never looked so good! Who says cooking at home has to be boring? Or complicated for that matter. Hearty white bean salsa and a kick of curry make this a meal to remember. These yam tacos are nutritiously dense and colorful and a wonderful way to load up […]

Garlic Szechuan Lentil Stirfry

This is one of those meals we gravitate to frequently during the weekday hustle. A 30 minute commitment in the kitchen and you have a meal packed with fiber, protein, greens and flavour! I came across elephant garlic this week at the market & if you have never seen one […]

Leek & Lentil Soup with Herb Croutons

Can you even believe the past week – snow in Vancouver in February?? Apparently it’s been years since the city has been hit with the white stuff this late in the season and I feel like I’m part of the few who actually enjoy it. Seeing all the trees and […]