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Cherry Lime Cheesecake Bars

I love a good treat. Usually I gravitate towards chocolate but with all the fresh fruits in season it’s time to switch up my dessert game. One of the most difficult things I find with sweets is that they are rarely ever guilt-free. I actually strongly dislike that term – […]

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Lemon & Herb Chickpeas

This dish is simplicity. 1 bowl, 30 minutes, less than 10 ingredients & boom you have a fresh, simple meal. I like to challenge myself to use only a few ingredients when I’m cooking due to the digestive benefits. When it comes to digestive health – simpler is better. The […]

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Super Seed Crackers

Home-made crackers!! Ever tried them?? It’s a perfect hearty snack idea when you need something healthy and FAST. The difference between these crunchy guys and the stuff from the store is that these are just the basics, the essentials. No unnecessary additives or extras – just some wholesome, fiber, omega, […]

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Hearty Spelt Pancakes

This is the ULTIMATE pancake recipe. I realized the other day that my kitchen repertoire was missing a good go-to pancake recipe. I think I forgot about this classic breakfast staple because traditionally they are loaded full of sugar and refined flour and not much else. So I teamed up with VEGA […]

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Grapefruit Mint Greens w/ Maple Balsamic

  Truthfully I don’t eat alot of dandelion greens straight up like this – I will usually blend them or sautee them in an attempt to mask the bitterness, BUT those days are gone because I’ve created the perfect dressing to balance the taste of the greens. Slightly sweet & […]

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5 Minute Fully Loaded Greens Picnic Sandwich

This. Lunch. Tho. Carbs ✓ Greens ✓ All the pesto ✓✓✓✓✓ Sandwiches are the ultimate picnic / beach food – they are so easy to transport, completely customizable – perfect picnic fare as far as I’m concerned. Less time in the kitchen and more time exploring & soaking up the summertime […]


Eating With The Seasons

It’s spring! FINALLY! Seems a bit rainy still (classic West Coast) but I caught the most remarkable sunset last night it left me feeling charged and anticipating many more nights spent on the beach, just taking in the beauty of spring & summer & oh ya THE OCEAN. That is […]

Snacks, Sweets

Cranberry Almond Bars

One of my favorite things about these bars is people are always SO impressed when they try them. It is such a simple snack – taking only 15 minutes and a handful of ingredients – but there is something about homemade granola bars that undoubtedly gets people excited. Perfectly sweet […]


A Simple Guide to Healthy Eating

  Eating well doesn’t need to be complicated. So many of us have gotten into the habit of dissecting foods into categories, relying on counting calories or nutrients to reflect the ‘goodness’ of a meal. But that style of eating is completely unnatural. A good meal is so much more […]


White Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos

Weekday dinner never looked so good! Who says cooking at home has to be boring? Or complicated for that matter. Hearty white bean salsa and a kick of curry make this a meal to remember. These yam tacos are nutritiously dense and colorful and a wonderful way to load up […]